Comic Book Reviews 03-04 by Vezun
(posted Ausgust 5, 2005)

Meat Haus 7 love songs

Meathaus is experimental, it's original, it's surreal, it's a compilation of
a bunch of different artists, but you can tell they're young trying out new
stuff, and they're good and they all got they're different styles.  This is
something you wish existed, but didn't know existed, but now you find out
that this is already here, but better than you imagined and where have you
(p.s. see the "solid" review)

Bob the Angry Flower The Ultimate Book of Perfect Energy

This is a collection of comic strips that aren't all like fun, fun, joke,
joke about everyday silly stuff.  Ol' boy puts adult topics in the strip. 
Not adult sex stuff, but things that an inteligent adult would think about
and wonder about.  The artist isn't just smart, he lets the smart stuff
that's in his head spill out into the strip.  But, not really just about
that, THIS STRIP IS ART in that it relates to the artists feelings and
himself in relation to things going on in his life and the world.  (I'd read
the funnies in the newspaper more often if shit like this was in there). 
This book is dope.

Symbol of Power

Jonathan Wayshak is my favorite artist that be at the cons.  In the world
right now, nobody is fucking with Robert Williams.  But at the cons, no
artist is coming within ten feet of him cuz his force field is up and if you
try stepping to him with your ego on crab status, his originals will break
your whole self esteem into bacon bits.  That is unless of course you don't
know what good is,  then  you might walk by his stuff and think it's just
too wierd and keep cruisin', thus  you'd be a sucker so what's the use in
trying to talk sence into you anyway.

Like, I don't like shit that's all white, white, white, white, we're white
and this is all white shit and this is white shit and here's more and it's
white.  So, this book "Solid"  is like black, black, black, black, black,
and here's some more and it's black.  Which, I'm just like I wanna see good
shit, not just like black or white shit, for the sake of it being black or
white.  I just gave Meathaus a good review, but sometimes I feel like they
could use a little quality control as "Solid" definitely could at times. 
So, in summary Meathaus and Solid both need to mix it up and get some
philipinos in there or something.  As long as it's good Philipino shit, not
just Philipino shit for the ....

Town O Crazies #002

These dudes got a nice little compilation family.  They street, they got
skills and they be putting it down.


Ol' boy did this comic short called "Elephantman" which had some nice
artwork, but that stuff doesn't seem to be up on his site.

Applesauce version 4.1 issue 1

This thing is like a newspaper-newsletter-comicpaper.  It's got all these
different underground cartoonists.  And that my friends can't be bad, that
can only be good.

When you're with a girl (by: Jessica Hurley)

This book is too much writing and not enough fresh ass artwork.  So what
you're a lesbian, draw something.

The Wang number 2

Stan Yans stuff is funny.  I like how he inks his stuff too.

Take Out 6

This girl be winning awards and getting mad reviews.  She don't need me
plugging her.  But her stuff is sweet.  She's going back to childhood
memories and drawing them out in a "For Better or Worse" style.

Soul Assasin 1A

This shit is allright, the art is good.  And I don't want to nit pick but
they need some gray tones in there to seperate the objects.  Otherwise, the
story is out there and ole' boy does a good job rendering all these action
movie scenarios, but in a graf cartoon style.

The Amazing Spider Man 496

Some fuck off left this comic in my bag.  Nobody gives a fuck what I think
about a Marvel Comic, so I'll move on.  (p.s. I liked it.)

Alex Pardee's Snoring Blood The year long nightmare

If your going to have a calander hanging up.  It should be this one, cause
its choked full of goodies.

Colour of Shadow #1 & #3.5

This is stuff that you passed by and didn't have time to look at.  But,
somebody had something to say beside a corporate advertisement, so you
should take a second and feel what the voice on the wall is whispering.            1800-848-4277

Planet Named Desire #5 & #6

I like this guy's stuff cuz it't like a comic, but like modern mythology,
it's sofisticated, in that it's serious, but simple and down home.  Coming
at you like a not too shabby bum speaking some sence, but in a indian
dialect.  So, you think you understanding some of it but you're not sure,
but you can tell he's dropping some wise dome.  I dig it.

Finale the Babbysitter Illustration Pagaent Number 3

Andy Ristaino, got off on this on.  It's so hyper, it's so bang, bang,
explosions on the retna, then light a fire cracker on your brain.

The 13th Story issue 3
The stories keep getting better and you keep wanting to know what's going
on, exactly.  This story has the characters bombing, drawn in a magna style.
  But with gray tones to make everything more easily readable.  Peep.

m@b This was a tough decision
When I was reading it.  I was enjoying it,  I thought it was witty.  But,
that was like two weeks ago.  Now, i'm browsing thru it and i'm like why is
everything in squares?  Where's the rest of the lines?  This dude need to
get jiggy with his shit.  But, the comics are personal, on a superficial
level and do got some humor.

Snapper Head
These kids is tight,  this dude illustrates "Juicy" by Biggie.  So, it
marries music and art.  All kinds of stuff is melted into the mix.  The
other story takes place in Vegas, it's on some crime shit.  Dude took some
time to shade it.  All around it's a fresh ass book.

This is a portfolio of paintings and canvases by K.D. Matheson.  He's not
famous, probably not even here in Vegas.  His stuff looks good in this zine.
  But, there ain't nothing like seeing his paintings in person.  It's like
H.R. Giger but on some space age tribal shit.  His paintings are grand, and
phenomenal to behold.  I take my hat off to this dude,  he got techniques, 
skills and painting secrets.  His stuff makes you remember there's an I in

Who's Yo Daddy
This shit makes me and everybody laugh.  gauranteed, (unless you're last
name is Lucas). or (702)380-3223

Phase 7 #004
This is a discussion of grafitti in the form of a comic.  I liked that he
was talking about something thru different viewpoints.  The art is not in a
graf. style.  He take the time to make you feel like you there.

Now, see this shit. I like this shit cuz, alot of people did it together. 
That's what the world needs right now.  Fools cooperating.
One dude would do a page or two,  then somebody else would do the next one
or two and then some body else.

how Pathetic comics and sketches by Frank Stockton
This is tight cuz it's got a lot of different types of stuff.  Dude can
draw,  he got hella potential to do hella shit.

Town O' Crazies vol. 3 issue 1
These dudes is comming with HHHHEEEEAAAATTTT!  muthafuckin', HEAT!
Different short stories, by different dudes.  Quality printing, big ass
book, what more can I say? Tight shit, tight!

Realicide #2 chapter 2 "the long road of sorrow"
This kid only does cons in the bay area.  Never has a booth,  real shame. 
More people should see his stuff considering how much time he puts into the
work.  I've been digging his books for a long time.  I also like that he
talks about his feelings.  And mixes in so much, (punk, graf, insane
crosshatching etc.).

Drunken Master issue 7
This dude got this magazine.  He do these bad ass comics inside, with some
dope ass brush work.  The stories be dark.  There's also like articles and
interviews in there about punk rock groups and some other stuff.  Peep it.

Snoozer 1
This dude has got some original stuff.  He got these ugly cartoon characters
in these funny-dark little stories.  Much props to dude.  Peep the site for
the paintings.

R. Crumb SKETCHBOOK volume 1
I bought this book right before the 03 comic-con.  I've looked at this book
over and over.  I'll be chillin' and then break it out just cuz.  I always
have a good time looking at it and my respect for Mr. Crumb increases with
each reviewing.  I absolutely love this book.  He's drawing like what he's
seeing all around him.  With so many artist's work stuck in thier la-la
land,  and lacking skills.  This book made me think alot about how now adays
people don't try and keep improving, they stay at one level.  Lately i've
been trying to draw what's around me.

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