Thursday, Feb 10, 2022

Book of Boba Fett, Season 1 Episode 7 Thoughts

Might have been cool to see even a single moment of the spice actually ruining someone's life.

shouldn't the issue of where they bunker down mostly rest on which location is most defensible?

fuck these muddy low-contrast night scenes

I am really pulling for cad here, i hope he wins

huh. grogu told luke to eff himself. smart.

okay, if the pykes know our buddies are hiding in the. "sanctuary"? -is that what it's called? jesus- is there any reason for the pykes NOT to just blow the whole place up from the air instead of fighting it out on the streets?

man, holing up and waiting seems like a shit plan, honestly

got a bad feeling we're not gonna see any clever or sneaky strategems from Boba here

awww yisss now we're talking. gunfight yojimbo framing. hope it's cool!

"if that's not the (klak?) calling the (stifling?) slimy"? don't know if i hate or love this

cad's voice is excellent

"we all do"
point for boba!

good grief boba's pants are down across the city

aw jeez bummer for the gammoreans
that's what they get for not carrying GUNS
pro tip: guns beat knives and swords

hey, a speeder shot that conveys speed. awesome!

i guess i take back what i said about the guns? except the lizard dudes should still have guns. guns!

ha nice pointless somersault, fenec.

another one for boba!
he needs em cuz man his planning has been poodoo so far

lotta setup to ice this dumb twileck dude but he's been annoying so fine whatever

jesus god they love giving this guy lines

heh. okay, point for boba, that was a decent distraction

bartender! who'da thunk?
maybe park BETWEEN pyke attackers and boba/mando instead of behind them

the staging on this fight is dumb as hell

heyyyy. updated droidekas. neat.

the paintball tournament does not go well, enterprise

okay at least these droidekas are posing an interesting puzzle

gotta say, though, i do believe in this set, so if it's all projections on their video stage or whatever i'm impressed

"force works in mysterious ways"

ha! well, you called it, fisho. boba rides the rancor

jesus can a droideka not hit one thing ever?


bane's back, baby!

fuck yeah!


what the f are you idiots doing?


this rancor goes nutz beat is weird

see, couldn't we have just gone and taken out the pyke ringleaders FIRST? just gone and done that while pyke flunkies & droidekas attacked an empty sanctuary?

so i guess the lesson is: drugs are bad?

and there's grog in the astromech pod sure i guess

rodriguez directed this one, huh?

pour one out for bane

that's the sheriff in the tank? but dude has a torch? i don't get it

well, it's a resolution in the sense that dumping a bunch of stuff on the floor is a resolution to the question "where does all this stuff go?"