Steve Notley's Incompetently Photographed New York Gallery of April 29, 2004

Well, now, let's see... what have we?

This is Nina Paley, cartoonist-turned-animator beyond compare who graciously let me hang/crash with her for a couple of days and who moments after having this picture taken introduced me to a piece of deliciousness known as a "Chocolate Volcano", an upside-down brownie filled with chocolate syrup with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side. Oh yeah, baby. Later I watched her bang through some work-for-hire comic strips with a speed I could only hallucinate about. Works quick, she does.

Here we have Ben Jones, owner and proprietor of Jigsaw, the ubercool brand-new home/gallery/party space where I spent my first three New York nights. Ben was the greatest host ever and it seemed every time I turned around there were more charming and beautiful woman around. Indeed, it was such a parade of cute New York girlhood that I'm afraid the name of this particular gal has slipped my mind. I take full responsibility for forgetting her name but in my defence I was pretty drunk most of my time at Jigsaw.
** mini-update** - I've since learned the name of the lady in question is Tara. Right! Tara! That's it! Of course!

Here's the first of the Attitude gala pics, a shot of Jen Sorenson of Slowpoke comics.

From left to right we have an unidentified arm, David Rees (Get Your War On), Mikhaela Reid, Eric Orner, Emily Flake, Peter Kuper (Eye of the Beholder), some dude in a maroon shirt and Neil Swaab of Rehabilitating Mr. Wiggles's left ear.
** mini-update** - after looking at some other sites's photos of this event, I shafefacedly discover that I misidentified Justin Jones as Eric Orner. Whoops.

Another lineup of most of the same people except since I started drinking early and never stopped I missed the name of the fella sitting in between David Rees and Justin Jones.

A foxier shot of Mikhaela.

This here's Jason Yungbluth of Deep Fried and Scott Bateman of, um, Scott Bateman comics.

Left-right it's Scott, Mikhaela, the blue-shirted man-god to whom we all owed the evening Ted Rall and Ted's movie-reviewing pal Cole Smithey.

Here's Emily having an I'm-seconds-from-leaving smoke with some fella whose name I probably heard and forgot six times but I do recall had some good things to say about Spielberg's A.I.
** Another mini-update, this one to say that the "fella" is in fact Tim Krieder of The Pain, When Will it End?

And here's Cole with my old-school buddy back from the Gateway days Pete Pachal, now working his editing ass off at Sound and Vision magazine and pulling down I-can-live-in-New-York money. He also let me crash for a couple of days at his sweet Harlem pad, so.... YEAH!
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