starring some nobodies and Marc Blucas, the guy who played Riley on Buffy the Vampire Slayer
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Special Investigation Unit Mission Briefing
From: General Harry Groves, SIU
To: Lt. Cmdr. Jon Siskel, SIU
Re: They

Sorry to cut your vacation short, Commander.  We appreciate the work you did on containing the Videotape Apparition (Case # 021015: The Ring), but our data indicate we've got a They incursion in Urban City, and your team is the only one placed to move on it. Fortunately, Theys pose a limited threat.

Theys are spindly dark grey quasi-humanoids, 1.5 to 2.5 m in height. Theys can be easily identified by their distinctive quadrapedal crab-walking gait, and by their aversion to light. Theys originate in a secondary dimension, gaining access to consensus reality through the use of portals created in spooky, dimly-lit areas. Preferred They portal locations are medicine cabinets, air ducts, closets that haven't quite been closed, and the scary dark gap under cage-style elevators. Like most Class 2 bogies, Theys attack singly or in groups, and only ever attack when their prey is alone.

Known Powers and Weaknesses:
Theys are highly light-sensitive, preferring to move only in spooky shadows. As compensation, Theys are able to generate an electricity-dampening field, rendering useless all electronic devices and light sources.

Feeding Cycle:
Theys have among the least plausible feeding cycles of all known bogies. In Phase I, a They emerges from an unsupervised 7 to 10-year-old's bedroom closet or from under the bed. After a cursory terrorizing of the victim, the They drags the victim into the They dimension and inserts a bone splinter under the skin, leaving a distintive dime-sized mark that looks like an infected boil. The They then returns the victim to his or her bedroom. They victims typically show numerous psychological disorders associated with their capture, often reporting night terrors. In Phase II, nineteen years later, the They returns to harass the victim, scuttling around in dark corners and scaring the victim until pulling him or her back to the They dimension, presumably for consumption.

Recent They Contacts:
Billy, male, 21: An early Phase II victim, Billy shot himself rather than be dragged into the They dimension.
Terry, female, 25: captured at the Urban City Swimming Pool, men's change room.
Sam, male, 25: captured at his home, under the elevator.
Julia Lund, female, 26: having escaped a They retreival incursion in the Urban City subway system, Lund was remanded to the Urban City Psychiatric Ward, where she disappeared.

Investigate incursion; locate and enter active portal to They dimension;  destroy all Theys. A small team with a couple of flamethrower units should be more than enough to deal with whatever They forces you encounter. This should be a pretty quick clean-up, commander. We recommend starting at the Psych Ward; standard dimension-portal techniques should reveal the gateway. Try the closet first.