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April 12 -- Finally not-p, where p = winter

For all you readers in parts of the world who only experience a scrap of the phenomenon we call winter (that's you people in California I'm talking to), you can't really appreciate how freeing, how liberating it is for those of us in Edmonton to finally get a nice day. Ohhhhhh, man. So sweet.

Anyway, here's a cartoon:


What about ZED?
Zed, of course, is (or was) this magazine show on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and they did a piece on me. Why have I highlighted the words "piece on me" in the previous sentence? Because if you click on the highlighted words, you'll be taken on fairy wings directly to the Zed segment about Stephen Notley, me, in Quicktime format. It's a little embarassing (especially the gratuitous foot-picking), but there it is, for curious folks.

Server troubles redux
As some of you may have noticed, the server's been a little wonky these last few weeks. In fact, some of you may find that this page doesn't show up at all, no matter how many times you click "refresh" on your browser. Like, for instance, my Netscape keeps displaying the March 15 update no matter how many times or how forcefully I hit "refresh" (though if I type "/index.html" after "www.angryflower.com", that seems to fix it). Anyway, all I can say is, thanks for your patience, and those days should be receding into the past with no threat of them popping up in the future. Angryflower.com is generously hosted by Lore Sjoberg of the hyperfunny Brunching Shuttlecocks web site, and Lore just moved back to Oakland and switched computers and et cetera and et cetera. 

Omigod, Spiderman is out in less than a month! Omigod Omigod Omigod!

AND AND... new e-mail
My ISP is fiddling with their mailboxes, so my e-mail address is no longer stephenn@v-wave.com. Now it's stephennotley@shaw.ca. Stephenn@v-wave should still work for a while, but eventually it won't. All the e-mail links on this page have been changed, though some random ones scattered around the site might not have been (okay, haven't been). I recommend, if you have my e-mail address somewhere, that you update it.

April 5 -- Unbelievably, still winter
I'd gotten used to the crappy spring weather, the ugly brown mud, the dusty leafless trees... and then it had to go and snow again. And get cold again! This is freakin' RIDICULOUS!

Anyway, got a new cartoon, this week, called

So what about ZED?
From what I've been told, it's on tonight, Friday, April 5, at 11:25 pm. It's a national show, so there shouldn't have to be any time zone adjustments, but check yer local listings. Will it be terrible? Will I regret having appeared on television, only to humiliate myself? Time, as always, will barf up the answers.

March 29 - The Road of Trials
Well, some of you may have noticed angryflower.com was unavailable in the earlier part of the week. It's back now, but for how long? Nobody knows. I don't know. My task is to do what I can with the time I am given, as Gandalf once said, so it's in that spirit that I give you

What about this Zed thing?
After some fiddling, the word appears to be that it'll be on next Friday, April 5, 11:25 pm. What Zed thing am I talking about? Zed is some wack new show on CBC (Canada's national network). They profile short films and various Canadian talent, all in the name of culture. And they did a interview with me, and next Friday is when it airs. So I've been told.

March 22 -- Site's still a little wobbly
Yes, broken links abound, my children. I'm trying to go through them, get stuff up and functional, but it's tough, strange work. For some reason all the files with the ".htm" extension don't work any more, so it's been a long, slow process of adding "l"s to ".htm"s. Anyway, here's a cartoon, about Golf Cops.

Me and Bob on CBC next week!
Yep, CBC (that's the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, for you non-Canadians out there) came by and did an interview of me last week for this new A&E show Zed, on at 11:25 pm every weeknight. I'm supposed to be up next week (March 25-29), but I don't yet know which day. You can check their site for details, or keep checking back here; the moment I know I'll throw in an update. Here's yer chance to see me and Bob on TV, and who could give up a chance like that? Who?

- mini-update Thursday. March 28-
Well, we'll see about all this. The gal who did the interview says it probably won't be on until next week, and something in her voice told me it might not be on at all. More details to come as they are known to exist....

March 15 update -- Sorry about the delay
Site's been kinda up and down for the last day or so, what with the server burping and farting and bleeping and you get the idea. There might be some glitches here and there, but it should work. Anyway, new cartoon:

So, who wants a great new T-shirt displaying Marvel comics' awesome lineup of Native American superheroes? You? Then click below for the ordering...

March 8 update -- Man, it is cold out!
Yep, it's been incredibly freezing for a week or more, here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. And what happens in this part of the world when it's really cold out? Same thing as happens all the other times: lots of drinking. What time is it? 4:37 am? Yikes! Let's post this new cartoon and go to bed. Here it is:

Anything else?
Well, of course, you can always, always buy books.

March 1 update -- Whew!
Man, what a cold, crappy, excellent February that was. Thank Jesus it's in the past, receding away from us at the rate of one second per second. Okay, on to other things. Specifically, this week's cartoon. I don't like to do the topical stuff, and this is hardly topical any more, but you'll all have to forgive me if I go ahead and indulge in some patriotic pride as

Don't forget to buy books, kids. It's just about the only way to get them!

February 22 -- Washington's Birthday!
Yep, it's Washington's birthday here at Angry Flower central, and if we don't all know what that means, we soon will, because here it is:

APE photo
Here's a quick snap of me and an APEgoer named Jean, courtesy of Joshua Ellingson, who happens to have a pile of pretty nice graphics and animations at joshuaellingson.com. Thanks, Joshua!

Mockspatchcock.com has a nice mention of me in their links site, which makes me happy, and another site gave me something called a Tabby award for content (in a web site!).

February 15, 2002 Post Valentine's Day
I hope y'all had a fruitful Valentine's Day, with lots of love to keep y'going. Here's my love, in the form of a cartoon, a sweet little nothing that asks (and answers) the question: What if terrorists were cancer?

And, held over because it was good, and because I got a link on Fark.com (where they raved "Lord of the Rings remake -- shorter, slicker, less bull"), please read again this parody cartoon:

APE afterchat
Well, after all the fooferall last week, I did eventually end up going down a day late, minus all my books except for 12, in which I had to write "Not for sale" so the Immigration people would let me through. Sold 'em all, of course, but it wasn't exactly the Bobsplosion I was looking for. Still, many thanks go out to Keith Knight, on whose living room floor I slept. And, I apologize to all those folks who came by on Saturday to find me not there, and who then returned home to check the web site and found out why, and who now find that I was there after all, just on Sunday rather than Saturday. So, uh, sorry.

Don't yet know the whole San Diego/SPX situation. I should get some kind of table at San Diego, but SPX is sold out. I hope to get on the waiting list, but only time will bring the answer to whether that's going to fly or not. Stay tuned to this space for more details. Oh, and buy books

Anything else?
Oh, right, just that I returned home from San Fran to find that Futurama has apparently been freakin' cancelled! That licks it! Further information is available at gotfuturama.com, check out the sad and maybe sliver-hopeful situation there, if you care. And, I got panties in the mail! Woooo!

February 8, 2002
All right, folks. I've been obsessing about it, I've been talking about it, it's been crawling here and there into the strip for the last couple of weeks, let's just get down to it. Here's Bob's

What the hell? Why am I here updating my web page instead of arriving in San Francisco to participate in the Alternative Press Expo? Chalk it up to the U.S. Immigration Services' tireless efforts to ensure no Canadian products take jobs away from helpless Americans. Or something. Yes, I foolishly told them the truth, that I was going to a convention to sell books, and they wouldn't let me do it without a preposterously unavailable work permit. Never mind I've done it before, never mind there are many other Canadian cartoonists selling their stuff there without a work permit, never mind any of it.

After all that goddamn work I did to get that freakin' California Seller's Permit, it just wasn't enough. So, I dumped the books in a locker at the airport, figuring I'd just go anyway and just hand out leaflets, but --wa-hey!-- all that time sitting around in the Immigration office watching the lone officer putter around not attending to my problem took its toll, and I missed my flight. A couple of hours later I went back to the airport to catch another flight, only to find that it was delayed, and thus I couldn't make my connecting flight to San Fran. And that was it. Bam.

I look back at my childish enthusiasm, my confidence that I had dealt with every hurdle I would face, and I shake my head. What was I thinking? How could I have thought that doing it all the "right" way would work? I must have been on crack, but I don't remember doing any and neither do my friends. 

So all you San Franciscans, I apologize. Man, this bites it. Rest assured I'll do whatever lying to Customs is necessary to attend San Diego Comic-Con and SPX later this year.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have an angry cartoon to mull over...

But still, on the happy side of life...
I trust everybody is familiar with www.brunching.com, and its funny, funny, funny main man, L. Fitzgerald Sjoberg. So funny is he, indeed, that he's written a book, The Ratings, and he even went so far as to get me to draw all the illustrations for it. Now it looks like the book is finally going forward, so I just thought I'd let y'all know it exists (or will exist), and that it's got (or will have) lots of funny pictures by me (not to mention thousands of hilarious words by him). Click here for about the same amount of information, and then start browsing through the rest of the Brunching site, and laugh.

Holy God, it's FEBRUARY FIRST!!!!
Freddie fans, perhaps you'll be entertained. Everyone else, prepare to be underwhelmed by what transpires when Bob responds to the question

What is APE? Why, it's the Alternative Press Expo, held this coming weekend in rainy San Francisco! Where? At the Herbst Pavillion at Fort Mason Center! When? Feb 9 and 10th, Saturday and Sunday! Click on this APE link to find out more. I'll be there, having cleared the last forseen bureucratic impediment, bearing a shiny California Temporary State Seller's Permit, hawking books like an insane madman. Of course, you can also buy books easily and quickly and reliably over the Internet by buying them on my book page. I personally guarantee all purchases.

January 25, 2000 and rockin' 2 !!!! YEAHHH!!!!
Gotcha cartoon here, kind of a Dungeons and Dragons kind of thing, I don't know. It's called

Just a little reminder that I'll be in San Francisco Feb 8-11, selling books like crazy, assuming the California State Board of Equalization gets back to me with a permit number. And why wouldn't they? They've got two weeks. Lots of time.

January 18 update, 3:06 a.m.
Get up, people! Wake up, for God's sake! It's a

And, uh, that's it for this week. Don't forget to buy books.
January 11 update
Man... late again. Sorry, folks, the page just completely slipped my mind until a few minutes ago. But now it's got my mind, controlling it, making me update. Here's a cartoon.

And hey...
C'mon, you people, just because it's not Christmas anymore is no reason to stop buying books. Y'know how many boxes of these things I still gotta get rid of? Lots, that's how many. So remember, buy buy buy.

January 4 2002 update
Take a dream, and make it real... do anything you waaant... you can be a moonbeam or a sta -a -arr, so come on... LET'S GO!

Today, we're going to talk about IMAGINATION! Specifically, the kind that deserts you when you have to come up with a cartoon, forcing you to dart over to the nearest cheap Chinese greasy chopstick and return raving about

On a related matter...
It's time to start thinking about conventions and touring and all the wonderful going to different places that being an up-n'-coming cartoonist entails. With that in mind, I now inform you all that I'll be at APE this year. What's APE? Why, it's the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco, this very February 9th and 10th!

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