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July 30... Mid-week Update...
Sorry to throw your timing off, folks, but I'm not gonna be around for Friday, being in San Diego as I hope to be. So here's the cartoon now...

July 26 - I'm gonna stop beating myself up over late updates...
I mean, by now you guys are pretty used to the update happening sometime on Friday, right? I get all worked up over fans on the East coast, going to work, not seeing an update until 1 or 2 o'clock... but hey, that's just how it's gotta be sometimes, or even most times. So, a cartoon, a little slip of a thing...

San Diego San Diego San Diego
Yep, San Diego Comic-Con's coming up real fast, like, next week, Wednesday to Sunday, and barring bureaucratic interference, I sould be there, handing out stickers, laffing it up, drawing stuff for people, madness madness. I've even got a table of my own this year, in the Small Press Area, designated X2. I'ma gonna be pretty lonely and scared, all by myself in freaky America, so if you're going to be down for the show, do do do come by and say howdy and hear me yap your ear off about how great Shaolin Soccer is. I'll be wearing my Treaty X shirt...

Bob Push
I appear to have some allies on the inside at Monday Magazine in Victoria, BC, so let's push push push to get that so-critical second paper so I can actually claim to run in more than one place. To that end, Victorians can e-mail Alisa Gordaneer, the Editor, and with wit and charm make the case for Bob in their local paper.

Books, books, books, buy buy buy, and if you buy now, you'll get a fancy Bob the Angry Flower sticker! Wildness! (and maybe I'll fix the links on the words "books" and "buy"! There we go! Done!)

July 19 - Yep...
I'm busy runnin' around, trying to get all ready for San Diego Comic-Con, so nothing too too fancy this week, just a cartoon.

Don't worry, I'll have some good cartoons soon...

quickie July 14 update...
Ain't life magical sometimes? I do a big cartoon about creationists, and I post it the same day Scientists Build Virus from Scratch. Check out the synchronicity...

July 12 - Sweaty in the City...
Here's a little thing some of you American readers perhaps didn't know... during the summer months, even Canadian cities as northerly as Edmonton can become quite hot! Like 35, 36 degrees, (Celsius, of course)! Whew! Anyway, no big deal; I just thought I needed a couple of lines of text on this update before presenting the cartoon, which I now do:

Conventions, conventions, conventions! Well, two conventions, at least. First, there's the San Diego Comic-Con , from July 31 to August 4, and the Small Press Expo, on September 6-8. I hope to see some of you crazy cats out there, and I'll have more infor as the days approach. Also, buy books.

July 5 - Time slips ever on...
Yep, we're coasting down into the second half of 2002 now, fun for everybody. Nothing too fancy for the update this week, just a cartoon:

Anything else?
Well, See Magazine hasn't updated their web site yet, so if anybody cares, here's a couple of movie reviews I've done for them, covering The Powerpuff Girls Movie and Men in Black 2. Guess what I thought of each; you're surely right!

Buy some books, willya? Sheesh!

June 28 - I am a Bad Man
What other explanation can there be for lying around in bed until after noon --Mountain Standard Time, no less-- without having updated the web site that so very many of you depend on? Well, let's fix that right now, by leaping up and presenting the newest Bob cartoon,


Anything else, anything else?
Um, let's see, nope... nothing there... already told you guys about Shaolin Soccer. Well, here's my review of Windtalkers, for anybody who cares, but why would you? Already told everybody about upcoming appearances at the San Diego Comic-Con and the Small Press Expo, so that's done. Anything else? Nothing bouncing to mind. I'll update later if there's anything I feel y'all need to know. Meanwhile, please buy my books.

a few hours later....

I've got a backlog of about 90 e-mails in my inbox, some dating back to before I left for Madison. As it's official angryflower.com policy to respond in some way to all e-mails, I swear I'm gonna book a day soon to clear that all out, though in homage to the Bush Administration I won't provide a definite timetable. Leftover "Schrodinger's Fridge"-likers, rest assured, I hear you.

And while I'm at it
I received a nifty galley proof of the book I illustrated for supergenius Lore Sjoberg of fabulous BrunchingShuttlecocks, generous hosters of this very web site. It's called The Ratings, and everyone, everyone should buy it when it comes out this, I think, October from Random House.

June 21 - The First Day of Summer
Whoo! Summer's here! Get nuts, folks! Gonna be a quick update this week, cuz I'm-a gettin' ready to head north for the weekend, there to attend the North Country Fair, where I guess they play music and I'm assured they do the crazy drugs. So, to work:

Yep, there is one this week, a snappy little story for kids I call


I haven't been linking to my See Magazine movie reviews lately, and I'll try to remember to do that, but I can't let this update go by without screaming about one of the most satisfying, joyful, exhilarating movie experiences I've had in years. I'm talking about Shaolin Soccer (shut your mouth!), yes I am. Basically, it's a Hong Kong film that came out last year, it just won a raft of HK Academy Awards, and --like the finest HK movies-- it's a delirious blend of action, comedy, drama and romance. It's kung-fu meets soccer, and it delivers and delivers and delivers, getting better and better, until by the end I was literally weeping tears of happiness. Seriously. Stunning, incredible, wonderful movie, made me believe in film again. Get it on DVD and then watch it.

And also...
Gotta keep buying those crazy books, turning that grand wheel of commerce...

June 14 - Late-ish update again
Sorry folks, I was kinda busy last night. But no fear, there's a new strip, on a topic I've dealt with before, and here it is:

Upcoming conventions
I'm happy to announce that I've got tables booked for the San Diego Comic-con (August 1-4) and the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Maryland (September 6-8). Whew! Readers of this page may have detected my anxiousness about whether or not I was going to get a table, so I hope you can read my glee and happiness at getting my tables confirmed.

Exclaim magazine
Exclaim, for those of you sad people who don't live in Canada, is a monthly national music magazine -- in Canada! This month they have a spiffy piece on Bob, and you can read it by clicking here. Cool!

The e-mail campaign to encourage papers to run my strip seems to be having some small effect, so let's keep it up. In Vancouver, you'd want to e-mail Beverly Sinclair at the Georgia Straight at editor@straight.com. In Victoria, you'd want to hit Alisa Gordaneer at Monday Magazine at editorial@mondaymag.com. In Regina, you'd chat up Stephen Whitworth at the Prairie Dog atreception@prairiedogmag.com. As before, feel free to be interesting and evocative in describing how much you love BtAF.

And more finally?
Uh, like, gotta buy books.

June 7 - Back from AAN!
Yep, I'm back from the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies convention in sunny Madison, Wisconsin, home of cheese and The Onion. How'd it go? Well, we'll see. I got a couple of leads, and that's where you, my loyal readers, come in. But first, this week's cartoon, designed to satisfy the quantum physics enthusiasts among you...

Where was I?
Oh, right -- papers. So here's the thing. A couple of papers, notably Vancouver's Georgia Straight, but less enthusiastically Victoria's Monday Magazine and Regina's Prairie Dog, expressed some interest in a new Canadian cartoon. What the--? I'M a new Canadian cartoon! So what can you do? Well, if you live in Vancouver or Victoria or Regina, a brief pithy e-mail from a few of you about how thrilled you'd be to see Bob in your local paper could make all the difference. Feel free to be interesting and evocative in talking about how great my cartoon is! 

In Vancouver, you'd want to e-mail Beverly Sinclair at the Georgia Straight at editor@straight.com.
In Victoria, you'd want to hit Alisa Gordaneer at Monday Magazine at editorial@mondaymag.com
In Regina, you'd chat up Stephen Whitworth at the Prairie Dog at reception@prairiedogmag.com.

Didja happen to catch the nifty link to Bob on Fark.com the other day, the other day being Saturday, June 1, while I was away? If you're not reading Fark already, you should be, cuz it rules. And, incredibly, apparently, they think I rule as well. I even got a little e-mail from head Farkman Drew Curtis, thanking me for thanking them. If you don't know Fark, maybe you're not too thrilled. If you do, then you're not thrilled enough. Either way, awesome.

Earlier updates? They're here.

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