Fri Dec 31 -- Big Momma Update
Got plenty of new stuff for all you folks to take with you into the new year, and I'm gonna get to it, but first one thing:

I'm Leaving
As in, tomorrow I'm heading out to begin the ever-wacky Perpetual Motion Roadshow, a desperate race down the West Coast and back with wrongway rapper More or Les of Villain Worship Productions and zinester/advice-giver Christa Donner, all arranged through the good offices of Jim Munroe at NoMediaKings. We'll be kicking it elder school, doing presentations on our stuff; mine will be on different approaches to political cartooning. I'll have books to sell, tales to tell, and I encourage any readers in the affected cities to come check out the show. It's free!

The dates, cities, locations and times are as follows:

Mon, Jan 3 - Seattle, WA
  Confounded Books (315 E. Pine St.), 7 pm.

Tues, Jan 4 - Eugene, OR
  Feinstein's Museum of Unfine Art (537 Willamette), 7 pm.

Wed, Jan 5 - San Francisco, CA
  Modern Times (888 Valencia St.) 7 pm.

Thurs, Jan 6 - Los Angeles, CA
  Flor y Canto (3706 N. Figueroa Ave.) 7 pm.

Fri, Jan 7 - San Jose, CA
  Anno Domini (150 S. Montgomery St., Unit B) 8pm.

Sun, Jan 9 - Portland, OR
  Reading Frenzy (921 SW Oak St.) 7 pm.

Mon, Jan 10 - Victoria, BC
  Solstice Cafe (529 Pandora Ave.) 8 pm.

Come and buy a book, or if you've already got one, come and get it signed, or if you've already got a signed one, come and get it signed again in a different color pen!

New Stuff!
Okay, I promised a pile of new stuff and here it is, all squished together into this update like some kind of delicious potato pancake with bits of chopped up green peppers and onion. First off is this week's strip, which started life as an eBay Drawing on Demand.

Gal Ninja

Then, since I'm going to be gone next week, we've got next week's cartoon, to wit:

We're Taking Fire!!!

And last but certainly not least is this little review of 2004 I did for Vue Weekly that'll be running next week. It's in color!

2004: A Year to Review

Movie reviews, what?
Yeah, there's action on the movie review front, even if it's only a review of Meet the Fockers. But it isn't only a review of Meet the Fockers. It's also a Top Ten Movies of 2004 list, so smoke that! Yeah!

The Leaden Angels
At long last we come to the final installment of my brother Paul's book The Leaden Angels, the gripping Conclusion: The Holy Orgy, in which the fallout from all the astonishing preceding events falls out and we are revealed the fates of Constantine, Vanessa, Vivian, Elizabeth, Thomas, Louis, Ignatius, Lucian, Adrian, Cheryl, John, Avare and others, and many books are read. From now on, find the link to The Leaden Angels in the left-hand column on this page.

Do we even have a chance?
A friend sent me a link to Exit Mundi, a rather awesome site full of disaster scenarios, bothe near-term and far. Never sleep again!

Fri Dec 24 -- The Eve of Christ
Come on, folks! How about some peace on Earth, a little goodwill towards all men? No? Then how about a cartoon?

Buy Everything Day

Movie Action
Got a couple of movie reviews for y'all, being Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events as well as Joel "Batman and Robin" Schumacher's Phantom of the Opera. Neither are great, but sometimes y'just gotta review the cards you're dealt, see what I'm saying?

The Leaden Angels
Well, folks, this is it, the final bloody chapter of my brother Paul's The Leaden Angels, and this one's entitled Bloodpurge. There's a lotta purging, a lotta blood, and a fairly solid put-down of Rumania and the people who live there. What could make for better Christmas reading?

Perpetual Motion Roadshow
I'll be mentioning this one more time before I take off on Jan 1, but I just wanna urge any Bob fans in Seattle, Eugene, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose, Portland or Victoria to consider coming to check out me and my two artisitc companions when we spin through your town. All the details are here.

Bless you folks!
Have a fine Christmas, have a nice weekend, and let's run off this last week of 2004 with confidence and vigor, all right? Yeah? Awright then!

Sun Dec 19 -- Contest!
Some people were confused about why the guy in Laffs has sharks stuck to his head. In honor of this character I'm throwing a spot contest, which is that the first person to say who this character is and list the four strips in which he's appeared gets a free book. Act now!

** update **
Contest's over, folks; thanks all for playing. For the curious the guy's name is Remora Joe and he appears in Introducting Remora Joe, Everybody vs. Bob Part 5: The Betrayal, Glutton for Punishment and, of course, Laffs.

Fri Dec 17 -- Nice Out!
Seriously, there's blue sky, some fluffy clouds, doesn't look too bone-shatteringly cold... I guess Jesus really *does* love us, every one.

Anyway, cartoon, huh? Some kind of drawn entertainment? Something to elicit


Movie reviews
I'm getting back into reviews a bit more, this week with A Very Long Engagement by Amelie and Alien Ressurection driection Jean-Pierre Jeunet, and I should be doing Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events qutie soon, followed by Joel Schumacher's version of Phantom of the Opera. Brutal!

Just got the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King Extended Edition DVD as well. Pretty awesome, though I'd say that the additional footage probably has the least amount of impact of any of the extended editions. I like the new stuff, glad to see Saruman again, liked the touches of humor, LOVED the avalanche of skulls, but I still think this one is, curiously and in direct contrast to my expectations, the closest in feel to the theatrical edition.

Check this link for dates and locations of the Perpetual Motion Roadshow, starting early early early next year.

Was there something else?
I'd thought so, but it's slipping my mind. I'll upload this update now and fix it later if I remember, okay? Awesome!

Tues Dec 14 -- Sleepy!
It seems like every time I do a Tuesday update I'm apologizing for getting it up so late. This time the excuse is that I got up early to see a press screening of House of Flying Daggers (from the director of Hero). Fat lot of good it did me, though; I pretty much fell asleep after the first ten minutes, and not because the movie was bad either. Just too sleepy afte staying up all night to watch old Smallville episodes.

The Leaden Angels
In any case, The Leaden Angels is almost concluded. This week sees the pen-penultimate chapter, The Truth Behind the Compass, an all-out gala of stuff including why Natasha Wilentz is not a witch, some pertinent information on the cheery blue bouncing ball, the myster of the conspiracy to kill someone who's already dead, some whining that gets interrupted, a handy summary of the plot, Dramsheet cracking the case, the nature of the murder weapon, the identity of the murderer, the anihilation of most philosophies, and the release of the Bloodpurge. Hot stuff.

The Penny Drops...
Every since the US election I've just been wondering. Now that the Bushites have their "mandate", which of their criminally foolish ambitions were they gonna go after first? Was it gonna be an invasion of Iran or Syria, in open defiance of the fact that they don't have the necessary troops and equipment to do it? Or would they plow ahead domestically with their privatize-Social Security/bankrupt-America plan in plain defiance of economic logic? Looks like it's door #2, which makes sense since it doesn't require coming up with 100,000 new soldiers. When world confidence in America, its leadership and its dollar is close to an all-time low, what could be better than borrowing $2 trillion to finance a scheme to reroute Social Security money through the financial industry? Brilliant, I say! Brilliant!

Might as well throw up an article by Mark Morford for SFGate about how we Canadians are such dicks.

Fri Dec 10 -- Stuff!
Okay, okay, what's going-- Oh my god! NO! Look out people,

Good thing it's all fictional...

I've not reviewed as many movies as I'd have liked lately, but here's one of Ocean's 12.

Perpetual Motion Roadshow
Not for a while yet, but all the dates, cities, times and locations are here. Check 'em out!

Buy things!
Of course one can always buy books and posters. Edmonton folks looking to buy retail can most easily find the books at Greenwoods Bookshoppe and posters at Ruckus on Whyte (downstairs, 10351 82 Ave., right next to the Melting Pot).

Tues Dec 7 -- Snowy Business
A fairly slender update for y'all this time around, but them are the breaks.

Leaden Angels
The Leaden Angels gets closer and closer to its conclusion, this week with The Secret of Natasha Wilentz, featuring a nice roast beef dinner, Constantine's Devil's advocacy, and the secret of Natasha Wilentz, all in one chapter! Yow!

Some links
Got a few random links I got sent. In response to my posting of a few weeks ago some readers took the time to point out as well as Fairly obvious what those sites are all about. Here's a site featuring the skeletons of some famous cartoon characters; it's bony! And then in 2005 Japan will offer the opportunity to "encounter diverse robots" at Expo 2005. Read it and weep uncontrollably! And then here's a site called The Rational Inquirer; not bad.

Fri Dec 3 -- Really December
Man, this brings me back, those good old days when I'm hours late with the Friday update simply because I'm drunk and hung over. Fun times!

Anyway, here's this week's strip:

Movie reviews?
Got a couple of reviews for you folks, first an oddball little Canadian sci-fi/comedy called Nothing, second the new Blade movie Blade: Trinity.

XMas 2004 Drawing on Demand

I wanna thank everybody who bid on this item; the final tally came in just over $200. Woo-hoo!

Perpetual Motion Roadshow, Jan 3-10!
Starting super early in 2005 I'm gonna be doing a multi-city road trip down the west coast as part of the Perpetual Motion Roadshow, an indy-publishing promotional thingy. I'll be co-appearing with rhymer/rapper More or Les from Toronto and artist/zine enthusiast Christa Donner, and it should be a lot of fun. I plan to have more info up later but here's a basic rundown of the dates and locations:

Mon, Jan 3, 7pm.: Seattle: Confounded Books (315 E. Pine St.)
Tues, Jan 4, 7pm.: Eugene: Feinstein's Museum of Unfine Art (537 Willamette)
Wed, Jan 5, 7pm.: San Francisco: Modern Times (888 Valencia St.)
Thurs, Jan 6, 7pm.: LA: Flor y Canto (3706 N. Figueroa Ave.)
Fri, Jan 7, 8pm. San Jose: Anno Domini (150 S. Montgomery St., Unit B)
Sun, Jan 9, 7pm. Portland: Reading Frenzy (921 SW Oak St.)
Mon, Jan 10, 8pm. Victoria: Solstice Cafe (529 Pandora Ave.)

Tues Nov 30 -- Even more almost December

** mini-updated below**
I don't know how widespread this problem was, but after Friday's update I found to be extremely slow-loading. It seems to be okay now, but if you're having trouble accessing this page, let me know.

(Most recent strip is Sensational, by the way...)

X-Mas 2004 Drawing on Demand!
Christmas is coming on little supersonic cat feet and so is the deadline to get a crack at some hand-drawn original art, subject to be supplied by your very own self! Bid now! Friday's too late!

Leaden Angels
The Leaden Angels stampedes towards its thrilling, morally challenging conclusion. The canonization ceremony has begun, the Flannery O'Connor Brigade is present, Chelmnickon is prepared, all is set... except for the Devil's Advocate. Read How they Found the Devil's Advocate today!

Funny Times!
Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention. After years of frustratedly sending cartoons without success to the Funny Times, a cartoon-n-comedy-column-only paper that runs pretty much the whole gamut of good weekly cartoonists out there except me, they finally ran one of my strips, The Bombs of Love, in this month's edition. Their web version is a little light-featured, but you can find physical paper copies of the December issue in fine newstands today! Woo- hoo! It's more of a psychological victory than anything, but I'll take it.

Earlier update is right here, dear reader!