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Okay, folks, here's how we're going to do this. There's gonna be two links pages. This one here, the one you're looking at, is the main one, where I put all the links I care to talk about. Then there's gonna be the Links Dump, reached by clicking that link that says "Links Dump". What's the Links Dump? That's where all the "Hey, I've got a couple of cartoons on the Internet too, can you link to me?" links go. So if you're e-mailing me about links exchanges, trading banners, all that crap, that's where it goes. Clear? Awesome.

And now, for the very first time ever, the Official Bob the Angry Flower Links Page!

Let's start with Funny.

  -- These guys I owe BIG, since Lore Fitzgerald is the ever-lovin' host of Just think... as you're clicking merrily away on this web site, sending your signals into that computer in Oakland where is contained, mere microns away, on the very same hard drives, lies a whole other realm of funniness and good humor. Go and look and then buy The Book of Ratings. -- This one's been on my Explorer links bar for a while now; I've described it as "indispensible". Random nuggets of news on the net, with snappy headlines and clean, easy-to-load layout. Plus, they update all day, so it's always worth it to go back and check in again and again and again.

The Onion -- Well, we all know The Onion, so there's not really much to say in addition, except that holy man, they sure are taking a lot of weeks off. Still gotta float by every Tuesday night, though, just to see the "What Do You Think?" section.

More to come in this section later, I'm sure. 

Let's move onto Politics.

The Guardian -- Simply one of the best sources of news and opinion in the world. The Guardian is the gold standard of relevant reporting right now, and it's a crying shame we have to go to England to find out what's going on in our own continent -- This one you have to get a membership to get the full content, and I did, even though I often find myself forgetting for days at a time that they update daily. Plenty o' counter-cultural articles there, digging up stories people had forgotten about, or are pre-forgetting about, always a good source of perspective. Plus, they also host some great cartoons like This Modern World, Story Minute, The K Chronicles, and Tom the Dancing Bug, strips I'll talk about in the Comics section. -- This one's a clearing house for random anti-Bush, pro-Democrat articles, a nice place to go and stew and keep current on various outrages, and they link to a satisfying range of sources. It's part of a whole nexus of Democrat-oriented poltical sites, and their own link section is great, pointing the way to news sites such as Alternet, Commondreams, Bushwatch, print magazines like The Nation and The New Republic, and tons n' tons of columnists like The New York Times' Paul Krugman and one of the best voices in modern politics, Molly Ivins of Texas.

More to come here, in the future!

Now how about Comics?

The K Chronicles -- Gotta put this one first, seeing as how I'm a close personal buddy of cartoonist Keith Knight. I like to think we're both like cartooning cockroaches, scrambling around the outskirts of weekly cartooning, trying to be funny. The link goes to Keith's site, but the actual archive is at

Penny Arcade -- My secret shame is that I don't actually read web comics. The one big exception is Penny Arcade, which offers refreshingly filthy-mouthed commentary on the exciting, ever-changing world of video games and XBox controllers. Plus, it's all web-optimized and looks totally web-slick and makes my strips look like web-crap.

Tom the Dancing Bug -- So good. He's funny, he's poltical, he does comics about the nature of consciousness... he's pretty much kicking my ass in every way. I guess I have a few robots and action sequences on him, but that's about it. Essential cartooning. The link points to his page at Creators' Syndicate, but like Keith, the archive is found at

This Modern World -- In the world of weekly cartoons, this is the 800-pound ape, standing astride the nation much as GWBush is said to do in the aftermath of the 2002 mid-term elections. Pretty much every weekly paper on Earth has this cartoon in it. TMW also appears on Salon, but his own site is the place to go for a muti-media gorge-fest of cries for political sanity. Tom Tomorrow's clip-art cartoons are up-front and blatant at a time when, Jesus Christ, we could sure use some progressives with balls. 

Get Your War On -- Speaking of balls, David Rees, formerly known for My New Fighting Technique is Unstoppable and My New Filing Technique is Unstoppable, is now the point man for screaming his fucking head off about how fucking totally fucking insane everything is right now. Get Your War On is a vital voice of I-just-can't-fucking-believe-this-shit thinking and should be read by everyone. Especially kids. 

New, 01/03/03 -- What is Deep Fried? -- I met Jason Yungbluth, the author of this wacky strip, last year at AAN, and much as my cold jealous heart hates to admit it, the guy is funny, and he knows how to draw. Plus, his web site is all fancy and everything. If you're looking for a pot-smoking cat and a degraded clown to sit and lay out all the shit about what's going down these days, you could go far worse. There's a big ol' archive, several different feature streams, and he's even got some of them crazy flash animations. 

New, 01/03/03 -- Space Moose -- Obsessive Bob readers have picked up references here and there to Space Moose, a strip that appeared in the University of Alberta Student newspaper around the same time Bob was getting going. Space Moose has been kinda defunct for the last few years, on account of the cartoonist having a real job and not actually caring, but there's a huge archive of all the most offensive, sodomic cartoons I've ever seen.

What about Science sites?

I wish I had better cool science sites, but I've gotten old and I don't keep track any more. Still, there's a few. If any of you nerds out there have some good links, send them in. -- The orginal homepage for America's very own laser plane. I'm really torn over this thing. On one hand, the ABL's funding comes from National Missile Defense, a policy I've screamingly decried as one of the giantest wastes of money in history. On the other hand, a laser plane. A laser plane. 

Physics News Update -- Weekly blobs of information from the frontier of physical science, and my number one source for Bose-Einstein Condensate breakthroughs and light freezing.

Solotrek -- These are the guys who are busy building the helicopter rigs I ripped off for the Up! strip. Go team!

Warp Drive When? -- A solid primer on the current state of Star Trek-enabling science. Unfortunately, we've got a ways to go. The site is courtesy of Marc Millis, head of the brilliant (though politically vulnerable) Breakthrough Propulsion Project, NASA's little thinktank devoted to bringing together every little anomaly and stray theory that might lead to fancy spaceships. Remember, the BPP needs your prayers!

Here's an ad for Guess what they sell? Hint: their ad on the front page says "Cannabis seeds, marijuana seeds."

Flower Delivery Sites
Every so often a flower delivery site wants to trade links, so here's where all that goes... - Send Fresh Flowers today!

Other, More Random Poo

02/28/03 -- Villain -- Pretty much everything you'd ever need to do anything evil, from robbing the local bank with a gropu of like-minded toughs to erasing the universe. And everything in between. Lotsa handy gadgets, folks....

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