Big Fat Links Dump

As I explain on the preceding page, this is where I'm going to be putting all the link exchanges, banner exchanges, "Hey, can you put a link to my site on your site?" links. So if you're sending me that e-mail, this is where your link is gonna go. Don't like it? Don't play. There's not gonna be much rhyme or reason to these pages, I can't see myself spending tons of time making sure it's all organized, but I may put in the odd comment here and there to add context. That may include making fun of people. Got it? Awright.

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Since I've started this, I've got one link,, that comes from some guy named MiRRoRMaN. Looks like a bunch of flash stuff commemorating the old Amiga, with lots of "story's" on tap. Brutal!

11/15/02 -- Here's a couple more links fresh outta my inbox. First up is Second and last up, for today at any rate, is something called Lilley Street. Both these look like Internet cartoons of some kind, "webcomics", if you will.

11/22/02 -- A couple more links. Let's take a look a the ol' inbox. There are some cartoons on the Internet at And here's a site that reviews movie trailers, The

12/06/02 -- Two more from the ether, and I regret to say I haven't looked at either of them. But let's let their advocates speak for themselves. First is Electronic Mayhem, and Hal who sent me the link said, "We've been described as being what the bastard child of The Brunching Shuttlecocks and Something Awful would be like if they were of the opposite sexes and websites had the ability to engage in intimate coitus with each other and one of them could end up pregnant." The other link is something called, I guess, The Society, and it's found at Evidently it's "bitchin' good." I report, you decide.

01/03/03 - Well, this one's a bit off topic, but I got a request to put up a link to a UK online flower-ordering site, so here it is. It's called .Netflora, I think.

01/10/03 - Here's another buy-flowers-over-the-Internet oufit, this one found at

02/10/03 - A couple of new links for you crazy kitties. A fella named Greg Hirsch has some webcomics to offer, as well as a link to his main page. As well, the mysteriously-named "David" has a fledgling web comic of his own, and he wants you folks to read it and love it. Why not find out if you can?

02/21/03 - Lessee, what do we have this week? Jim Oliver sends in I gotta admit, I haven't looked at it, but check it out, who knows? Meanwhile, the folks over at have a little Bob mini-archive, plus a whole site devoted to their mighty Diablo 2 clan. 

02/28/03 - Got an e-mail from the cats at Hamsterkill, who promote their work as "sleeping high" comedy; that is, the comedy that emerges when everybody's so tired they laugh at everything. Check it out, if you dare.

03/07/03 - Yet another flower-selling business that wants a link. I must pop up pretty high on searches when you type in "flower"... Anyway, here it is:

03/14/03 - Here's, some web cartooning by a gal Spike who seems to know what she's doing. Certainly her computer graphics and HTML skills make mine look like those of a big weiner...

03/21/03 - First up is the new site from one of my former comrades at See Magazine, The Most Famous Guy in Town. And then there's another web comic, Make With the Funny, which seems to owe a consderable psychic and design debt to Penny Arcade.

03/28/03 - Whadda we got this week? Tons. First there seems to be some web-comic/other site called Inktank. Second, we've got a couple of antiwar Flash animations, AntiWar2 and Strangelove. Not too bad, though the file sizes are pretty big. Third, there's a Nerd Forum of some kind. Lesse, going through the Inbox, what else is there... another web comic, this one called Diesel Sweeties, with computer-generated graphics! And lastly, but certainly not leastly, I'd like to cheer on the, a paper at the University of Toronto which is running my cartoon. YEAH!!!

04/03/03 - Got some kind of "web site" here called The Hall of Mirrors. Why not glance at it? I did. And then there's a short e-mail interview I did over at a site that appears to be called And then there's a wee article about Bob at the web site for the Reader's Book shop, a handy little comic store in Regina. 

04/11/03 - Here's a link I received that's not too bad at all, even though the web site has the unfortunate title Yodelling Llama. Nonetheless I laughed a fair bit; here's one bit, Bush Calls for Show of Cards, that I thought was pretty short and sweet. And how about this, I also received notice of a pretty good flash animation, particularly piquant for all those Civilization players out there. And a 17-year-old student wanted me to point y'all towards, sure to be tons of laffs.

04/18/03 - Here's Voodovelvet, with spooky stuff, I guess. And then one of the cats from the fanklub, who goes by the name "The Fury", has a webtoon available for looking, Life Goes Off. Not a ton of stuff up there, but it exists.

04/25/03 - A cat sent me a link to a bunch of well-drawn cartoons with terrible political ideas by the editorial cartoonist at the L.A. Times, Michel Ramirez. I've also been directed to a cartoon called Sauce at a web site called WorstEpisodeEver. And that's all I got! 

05/02/03 - Well, I got a link for a site called Silent Waters, which has some  anime stuff and video game reviews and some nice blue HTML layout. And Jimminy Crickets, that's all there is for links to dump this week! Is anybody out there reading this web site any more? Hello? Well, now I'm here I might as well throw in a link to the letter I wrote to Jean Chretien about Canada's possible participation in America's entirely retarded proposed Missile Defense System. Gotta ride those hobby horses down into the dirt like mad, you know, and I sure do hate NMD! And I'm not even an American!

05/09/03 - First there's a selection of altered propaganda posters I got sent, not too shabby. I also received a  link to a pretty good flash at Newgrounds, but the server was overloaded when I last checked. And lastly, a fella sent a link to his cartoon Biblebot, though I can't seem to find the cartoons on it, but maybe I'm just tired.

05/16/03 - And why not, might as well throw in a link to a page about the Philosophy of The Matrix, including the essay "What's So Bad About Living In the Matrix?" I spent some stupidly up-until-4-am time Tuesday night reading a pile of this crap, along with getting sucked into some ferocious criticism of this final season of Buffy at TelevisionWithoutPity.Com.

05/30/03 - Lesse, a fella named Craig sent me this link to his Dada comics, which feature a statue of David talking about things. Then my former colleague at See Magazine, The Most Famous Guy in Town, has managed to get a scrap of new content up on his site, so there's a link. Last week I complained that I couldn't get ahold of video from The Daily Show. Then a reader sent in this link, though slightly reluctantly for fear of an avalanche of Bob readers crashing the site. I would suspect that fear is misplaced. The same person also sent me this link to a page with a lot of seemingly-unreadable characters and tons of pictures of model robots facing off against each other. I was also sent a link to Elftor, a crudely-drawn webcomic that's rather goofy and offensive. I kinda like it, I don't know why.

06/06/03 - I keep running into it and then losing it again, so I'm gonna put the George Bush Scorecard of Evil link up here just so I know how to find it. And while we're at it, how about that crazy death camp action, huh? Pretty rockin' stuff! 

06/13/03 - Nothing too fancy this week, a whimsical slideshow about a plush Cthuluh...

06/27/03 - Ah yes, here's Dad's Joke, a humor web site of some kind which seems to be a joke clearing house. Apparently you can submit your own jokes as well. Never having been much of a joke man myself, preferring simply to improvise humorous remarks rather than sitting down and telling or repeating a specific joke, it's not entirely my bag, but check it out if you will. Some dude sent in his site, Ripdash Designs, so you folks could take a glance at that if you cared to as well. Annnd, then there's a link to a cartoon thge cartoonist of which dropped by my table at MoCCA,, which has a pretty lively weblog (blog? Is that what the kids are calling them these days?). And then there's a link to an evil story a friend of mine sent me, NGOs in the US Firing Line, in which we learn that US Neo-cons have targeted organizations that promote an internationalist approach as quasi-traitorous. Bleah.

07/04/03 - Well, now, let's see. I've been such a lazy loser, I haven't done anything for months on the T-shirt front, but I got a submission today; check out for a couple of T-shirts and caps and the like. And my Inbox has bloated so much through neglect that I find I'm missing people's submissions, if they even arrive. Let's take a quick butcher's, here.... Well, I've been informed that if I'd "like to hear a handsome country song about trucking and gender identity that also has gunshot soundeffects and whinneying, [I] should go here:", and then there's a web address, something like And then apparently there's some oblique reference or homage to Bob in an issue of, you could check that out. As well, I got sent a link to some Sushi Racing, though I wasn't very good at it when I tried my feeble hand.

07/16/03 - No movie review this week, on account of how I couldn't work one in at See with the Comic-Con and everything. What about the links dump? I got a few entries. There's a cartoon about how DNS works. There's an online version of 20 questions. There's a Flash game where you slap a monkey by whipping your mouse around really fast. Then, on a different topic, I was sent a link to that I here pass on to you. In the same e-mail I received a link to the Green Party platform, so let's toss that one up there as well. And in the same e-mail again there was a link to something called, but when I went to check it out it went to some referral site that barfed up an endless stream of self-perpetuating popup windows, so I'm gonna not put a link up to that one.

07/25/03 - I got Several Comic Strips from a guy named David Bort who said he'd talked to me last year and I'd advised him to just get drawing if he wanted to do comics. Well, he did, and some of them are pretty funny. And then, man, my Inbox is just bursting with link suggestions! Lesse, if anybody likes pictures of dogs, they can check out Sure. Why not? Then a friend of mine pointed me to a rather slick bit of Japanese stage-magic Matrix Ping-pong that's entirely worth checking out. An occult writer named Sean Alonzo wanted me to plug his site, where he's plugging some book called CryptoGrammaton, which purports to tell the story of a mysterious book of life hidden in great literature or something. Then another reader pointed me at a story about some Democrats taking on Cheney just like I was screamed they ought to only last week. Good stuff. And then another online flower place wanted a link,, so I figure, what the hell.

08/01/03 - Lessee... some web comic, The Japanese Beetle, is apparently back. Such was I informed by an e-mail. And then we have a couple of BtAF GBA skins an enterprising Bob fan took it upon himself to create. Meanwhile, the Japanese Seizure Robots live up to their name, and Turn Off the Internet worried me briefly, though more over my own computer's health rather than the Internet's. And then I was sent a link to the sweetly earnest, which finally has the courage to ask, "How can we get one the greatest Presidents the United States has ever had on Mount Rushmore with his peers?" And here's kind of a neat one: a picture of a laptop that a fellow by the name of Dan was carrying around getting signed at San Diego. There's a Bob on the same computer that John DiMaggio, Bender from TV's Futurama, touched with his hands and a pen! I might swoon! Then there's a link to a web cartoon, The Pinky Suthers Show, where the characters kill some flowers. I dunno. Plus, an alert fan watned to point out that there's a Bob-like enemy in Nintendo's Yoshi's Island (scroll down to "Dizzy Dandy").

08/08/03 - Huh. Here's an interview with the Gateway I don't remember doing. We have a Hitler-themed amusement at this link here. And another flower delivery site,, wants a link, so there it is.

08/15/03 - I don't have a ton of links, but I'll put up what I got. First, remember last week how I linked to that story about the comic store employee who got busted selling adult material to adults? Well, an enterprising reader read the article, asked himself some basic questions like "What was the charge? What were the circumstances?", poked around on the net and came up with this link to the applelate court document on the case. An awful handy link, for anybody who's interested. And, uh, that's pretty much it for links this week. 

08/29/03 - Nina Paley, a fabulous New York cartoonist who quit the weekly strip business cuz it was just too annoying to try to sell to editors, sent an odd link, "Diary of an Unborn Child," a haunting little MP3 file on some strange web site that collects vintage Christian music. Then another fan sent in this link to an article about the famous "Wilhelm" scream that sound editors use again and again in movies. And then, holy smokes, some god-king of a reader sent in a link to, an exhaustive hub of information on just about every current robot project in development. Sensational, robot fans! Check out the world's greatest android projects while yer at it! And then I got a fella who told me he read the whole archive in one 9-hour sitting, and segued from that to asking me to plug his web comic, Tommy the Post-Nuclear Cat. So I figured, what the hell, why not? HTML space and links are essentially free, right? Why not throw this fella's link in there? 

10/3/03 - I got an e-mail asking if the Jupiter Spores strip was in any inspired by the 17th entry on this Popular Science list of bad science jobs. It wasn't, but I might as well throw the link up anyway. Another reader sent in a link to a running flower that doesn't really look like Bob but goes to show how appealing cartoon flowers can be. And here's a peculiar one: The World Beard and Moustache Championships; the reader who sent me the link said it make him think of me. Uh... okay? Over at they have a nice little promo for Bob swag, cool. A web-toonist named Ray wanted me to put a link to his Raytoons comic, though I warn you: apparently you have to sign onto a Yahoo Group to read it, and as somebody who can barely find the energy to wrestle through the Yahoo login in order to read posting in my own fan club, I don't know how strongly I can recommend it. And then I got a link to another webtoon, Death of the Party. Crazy.

12/05/03 - Well, let's see. A reader asked me to post a link to his online petition to ask Bill Watterson to start drawing Calvin & Hobbes again. I think it's unlikely as hell it'll do any good, but what the hey, here's the link. And here's a link to the awesome Bob-featuring book Ted Rall is putting together, Attitude 2, at Amazon. Nice! 

And here's a special treat: a mirror of the Space Moose site. Www.Spacemoose.Com has been defunct for a while, in perfect keeping with Adam's shoulder-shrugging indifference to his cartoon work, but people still ask about it and want it, some five years after he stopped doing the strip. You have to like sodomy humor to appreciate Space Moose, but if you do, then you will like Space Moose very much indeed.

12/12/03 - I got a-e-mail from a guy named Sean who wanted me to plug his site. Done. Here's some wacky Kidz-Luv-Jezuz stuff I got off an e-mail from Nina Paley, a legendary cartoonist in her own right. And here's a fairly amusing link to a nice re-edit of Bush's State of the Union address that makes his points a little clearer. And I think that's it for outstanding links dump submissions, so there we go. Done.

01/06/04 - Not a full update or anything, but I just wanna throw down some quick links to some articles I've read in the last few days. First is a great little 2003-in-review piece "2003: The Imperial Gong Show" by Tom Engelhardt of the Nation Institute, whatever that is. And then, gosh, I just found a couple of really clear-headed articles by self-described conservatives in a magazine called The American Conservative. "The Cost of Empire" does a nice little clear-headed realist take on US foreign policy, and holy cats, Pat Buchanan seems to be talking a lot of sense when he asks What is Victory? Wild!

01/09/04 - I've finally dug down to the ground on my Inbox, so here's a bunch of various things people have sent to me or at me that I pass on to you because it costs me nothing to do so. First off is a link to the finalists in the Bush in 30 Seconds contest; not all of them are winners, but there are some good ones in there. And then in the wake of my Somewhere in China cartoon and subsequent whining about the fact that Tom the Dancing Bug did the gag first I have a web-toonist sending in a link to his own quantum-themed strip. After that we find a couple of links, one to something called, which apparently features some left-leaning flash animations, and the other to some Flash game in which a priest shoots zombies. Step lively, folks; those zombies zoom in at you pretty quick from the side of the screen. And then the people who run a humoristic site called wanted a mention, so I told them I'd give it to them. Also, apparently I long ago link dumped something called yodellinglama and they wanted everyone (or at least you people) to know that it's at now. Okee dokee. And then a fan sent me a couple of links to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, so I give valuable HTML link-space to them here and here. And hey, Nina Paley at had this to say about the UBOPE: "I love it I love it I love it... Oh my it is good". Wasn't that nice of her?

March 18, 2004 -- Man, it's been a while. The plan was to cut-and-paste the link dump entries off the main page to here, but I just never got around to doing it. Anyway, here are two web comics whose authors wanted to be in the Links Dump, Hoppy and George and The Rude Earth.