April 11, 2003 -- Freedom for all!
Well, I'm sure everybody's seen the celebrated images of triumphant statue-down-knocking in Baghdad. I guess that means we won, right? I mean, they ripped that statue right down! It's totally gone, dude! That statue is history! Hell, Baghdad's so free, people are looting in the streets! So my question is, if I build a statue of George Bush and knock it over, does that mean he's out of power too? Sounds fair to me.

A cartoon of time-twisting antics for y'all this week, called


And also...
Got a couple of movie reviews, one of Vin Diesel's disappointing vehicle A Man Apart, and another one of the disappointing new Adam Sandler/Jack Nicholson flick Anger Management. Sure is a lot of disappointment in movies these days. On the plus side, X-Men 2 is less than a month away! Ohboyoboyboy!

Link Dumping
Here's a link I received that's not too bad at all, even though the web site has the unfortunate title Yodelling Llama. Nonetheless I laughed a fair bit; here's one bit, Bush Calls for Show of Cards, that I thought was pretty short and sweet. And how about this, I also received notice of a pretty good flash animation, particularly piquant for all those Civilization players out there. And a 17-year-old student wanted me to point y'all towards iraqbodycount.net, sure to be tons of laffs.

Buy some books!
Don't you people know I'm still signing all the books I'm getting orders for, and putting in little quickie sketches of Bob? Isn't that just enough to turn the tide and make y'all finally take that oh-so-important step towards buying my books? Huh? Isn't it?

April 4, 2003 -- Sick...
And I wanted to do a big fancy update, all special and everything, but I'm dog sick, talkin' about rasping throat and crunchy phlegm nasty, so I just wanna get this stuff up here and go to bed to toss and turn and not sleep all night. Damn you, illness! How can you take sleep from me? It's all I have!

Anyway, new cartoon, something of a place holder, but it's got witches in it.

Other stuff...
Got a week-old review of The Core, the new boring film about boring. Annnd.... what's new in the links dump? Got some kind of "web site" here called The Hall of Mirrors. Why not glance at it? I did. And then there's a short e-mail interview I did over at a site that appears to be called dis.iwarp.com. And then there's a wee article about Bob at the web site for the Reader's Book shop, a handy little comic store in Regina. And, uh, I think that's it. Buy books you guys. I'm going to bed.

March 28, '03 -- No time, no time...
I'm just a simple guy, you know, tending to my affairs, trying to get some work done, and what happens? Nintendo puts out a new Zelda game and I kiss a sweetly bitter 30 hours of valuable time goodbye and send them off to war. At least I can be confident this war will eventually result in a land cleansed of evil, restored to order by the power of the TriForce.

Anyway, new cartoon this week, called...

Extra Poo
Gotta movie review ready to go, for John Travlota's new "thriller" Basic. And some more entries in the links dump. First there seems to be some web-comic/other site called Inktank. Second, we've got a couple of antiwar Flash animations, AntiWar2 and Strangelove. Not too bad, though the file sizes are pretty big. Third, there's a Nerd Forum of some kind. Lesse, going through the Inbox, what else is there... another web comic, this one called Diesel Sweeties, with computer-generated graphics! And lastly, but certainly not leastly, I'd like to cheer on the Independentweekly.net, a paper at the University of Toronto which is running my cartoon. YEAH!!!

Oh yeah, and I used to have a Frequently Asked Questions section on this site until the redesign. Now I don't know where to put it, but I might as well link to it here... and maybe over there on the left.

And why not buy some books while you're at it? Huh? Why not? What, are you scared of buying something on the Internet? Are you CHICKEN? I don't think so, soldier!

Anything else, anything else? Nope, doesn't look like it.

March 21, '03 -- This means WAH!
And so it begins, sort of. As I write this, US tanks charge north towards Baghdad, but the much-awaited mass-mudering hellfire of missiles has yet to flutter like gentle snowflakes across the city, bestowing the sweet kiss of democracy and transition to a better world for every fellow or lass lucky enough to be underneath. Still, I don't feel reassured. In fact, I feel kinda


Though I gotta admit, I hardly suspected the Bushites would have the self-control to hold off the "burn everything" button for this long. Surprises for everyone...

In other news...
There's a new review in the review section of the new Benicio Del Toro and Tommy Lee Jones thing, The Hunted. I bet you can guess how good it is. And let's see... any new links? I'll throw up a quick one to the spanky-new site of my fallen comrade at See Magazine, The Most Famous Guy in Town. Welcome to the internet, buddy! Then there's a webcomic called Make With the Funny that looks kinda like Penny Arcade, but is not as good. Annnnnnd... I guess that's it for the links dump this week. Crazy!

please and also buy some books...

March 14, 2003 -- FIIIIIIIIIRE!
I planned not to have too much to think about with this update, but instead I'm watching in horror as the building across the street burns to the ground and takes a bunch of other buildings with it. The ol' pancake house, the pet store... nothing but rubble, now. I hope to get a photo for you guys, but I don't have it yet, so let's move on to this week's cartoon. It's called


-wee mid-Friday Update-
Here we go... got one of those pictures I promised, courtesy of photographer extraordinary Fish Griwkowsky:

Other stuff
A quick couple of movie reviews for y'all this week. First there's the useless Agent Cody Banks, and then the faintly disappointing Willard. As well, a rather talented gal named Spike sent me a link to her web page fulla web comics. If nothing else, she certainly draws a lot better than me. Check it out at www.ironcircus.com.

I let you guys off the hook for nagging last week, but it comes back double this week. Buy my books, dammit! I'm drowning, here! And for those of you who bought books last week even though I didn't nag you... you guys rule. I'm gonna sign your books, just cuz. And anybody who buys books this week, they get their books signed too.

The new book is starting to look rather sweet... I hope to have a slick-looking mockup for you guys in a week or so...

March 7, 2003 -- "I Don't Like War"
Hey, wow, me and the President agree on something! Except he was lying when he said it. Damn.

Some light, totally non-political winter fun in cartoon form for y'all this week, in a cartoon called

A review of Bruce Willis's stinky new movie Tears of the Sun, and a submission for the links dump: www.sendflowersngifts.com, which purports to be an "Internet flower and gift resource offering insight and advice on purchasing flowers and gifts of all kinds." Go nuts.

And what the heck, I might as well toss in a link to a Plea for Hysteria on Counterpunch.org, as well as a clickable HTML-transfer-protocol that leads to a chillingly candid e-mail from a reporter who attended the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where the 5000 most powerful people on Earth get together every year to plan our futures. Get the real lowdown on what the plutocrats who control Earth are crapping their pants about! And while we're at it, let's throw in one quick link to a freakin' unbelievable story about how the INS "detained" a Canadian citizen and then deported her --to India!

And what the heck...
I figured, you guys are pretty cool, I'll give you a week off from bugging you to buy books... 

February 28, 2003 -- The End of February
Yep, say so long to February 2003, folks, drink it deep, cuz it's going away forever.

Okay, nothing too huge this week. It's pretty much just the cartoon:

Bob the Angry Flower:
The Ultimate Book of Perfect Energy
Book 4 is trundling along in good time, now that I've got a name for it. Now it's just a question of putting together mockups for the cover and trying to have the wisdom to discard the ones that look too fruity. 

Jeez, what a wonder angryflower.com is, don't you think? No popups, no banner ads, no subscription fees-- nothing but the goods, baby. And all I ask in exchange, again and again and again, is that you cheap slackers buy some books. God, I love America!

No, wait...
I did have a couple of extra things, a couple of quick links. First up is VillainSupply.Com, which has all the very latest gadgets and devices and fetishes for the technically-minded rogue. Lotta handy stuff there. And, I got an e-mail from the cats at Hamsterkill, who promote their work as "sleeping high" comedy; that is, the comedy that emerges when everybody's so tired they laugh at everything. I'm not saying it's good, but I am saying it's there.

Earlier Updates? Here, fool!